Keep sex toy use, foreplay, sex, and masturbation slippery, sensual, and sensational with personal lube!. Even if you think your, or your partner’s body does a good enough job of self-lubrication, wetter is always better. That’s because lube makes sex more pleasurable by reducing friction and letting things slide in and out with ease, to keep your adult fun sensual, and comfortable – the way it should be!

In an ideal situation, sexual encounters between two people would be like a well-oiled machine. That is the case for some people, but for everyone else, there is lube. Lube will prevent dryness in any given area and will help avoid any friction. If you are in need of sex lube, look no further than Pleasure69 Novelty Store for all your lube needs.

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Cotton Candy
Mint Chocolate Chip

Lube Life Water Based Flavored and Scented Lubricant

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Soothing Touch

Durex Massage & Play 2 in 1 Lubricant

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4.4 Oz
8.5 Oz
17 Oz

ID Glide Natural Feel Water-Based Personal Lubricant

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4.0 Oz
8 Oz

JO Premium H2O Lubricant

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0.5 Oz
1.5 Oz

Nasstoys Anal-ESE Flavored Desensitizing Anal Gel

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